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  author =       {Edwin J. van den Oord and Po-Hsiu Kuo and Annette M. Hartmann and B. Todd Webb and Hans-Jürgen Möller and John M. Hettema and Ina Giegling and József Bukszár and Dan Rujescu}, 
  title =        {Genomewide association analysis followed by a replication study implicates a novel candidate gene for neuroticism},
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  DOI =          {10.1001/archpsyc.65.9.1062},
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  WOBIB =        {},
  OPTnote =      {},
  OPTannote =    {}

Type in the title of a page from the Brede Wiki and press the button to format the information in the BibTeX format. Only pages with Paper template and Conference paper template can be formatted.
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